The Algorithm Hates You...

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Not really.  Everybody thinks the 'Mighty Algorithm' is out to get them.  Honestly, it is nothing more than a beautifully intricate beast that is supposed to be there to keep you safe.  You just don't understand it.

That's about to change.  We've got so much information packed into this short, self-paced training.  Once you've completed the training, you'll understand:

  • That the Algorithm is really on your side.
  • What those Insights really mean. 
  • Why Engagement Loops & Follow for Follow are no no's. 
  • How to put the Social back into Social Media.

Customer Reviews

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Kay Cole
Amazing Guide

This guide is very helpful on how the algorithm works and tips on how to get better results with working with it instead of against it.

Great info!

This free guide gives insight as to how Instagram algorithms work. This was really informative for me and It will definitely help others too!

We’re so glad that this product has given you the information that you needed. I told you, the Algo isn’t as bad as we might be led to believe! You are appreciated!