So You're Ready to be a Business Owner...

It's soooo easy.  You make the decision to start your brand, come up with a great name, make a cute logo, and BAM!  Customers just start throwing money at ya.  Oprah chooses your product to be one of her favs, and now you're a millionaire.  You've got the big house, the 1000 person team, the fancy cars.  Life could not be better.  Except...

That ain't it chief!

Honestly, being in business is hard.  It's definitely rewarding, but it's truly not for the faint of heart.  Truthfully, it's not for everybody.  You really have to be mentally prepared to fail over and over.  It's important to be prepared to fully fund your business.  I mean, pay all of the bills out of your pocket.  You know, the same pocket that has the money in it from the 9-5.  You also have to be prepared to be exhausted, frustrated, angry, sad, happy, proud, and exhausted.  Did I mention tired?

Mindset is a great start to running a profitable business.  You have to be prepared to keep your focus on the two most important things; the "why," and how that "why" can benefit your customers.  It's also beneficial to separate the ego from the brand.  I'm saying this because even though the aesthetics of the brand may be appealing to you, your customer's feelings are what matters most of all.  Does it have customer appeal?  Does your content and offerings provide value for your customers and potential customers?  Do people really understand your brand?  And this is just the tip of the iceberg!

On the other hand, once you kinda get in the groove of things, and your strategy is in place, processes are automated, and you can just sit back and enjoy the fruits of your labor, maybe then you can reflect on how far you've come.  And, no.  I can't tell you when that day will come.  I can say that it's worth it though.  

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