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Does Your Copy Create Sales?

Have you ever read an ad, in a magazine, and just HAD to go out and purchase the item?  Like, the words spoke to you in a way that made you feel like it was created just for you?  Well, that's called copy.  And good copy has the ability to generate certain emotions for the reader.  

I won't go into emotion. I'm sure we all have an abundance of those.

Emails, SMS, Captions, and Product Descriptions all have the ability to either entice or repel the reader.  Hopefully, your intent is to entice.  Simply describing the product or service is not enough.  Your words must be curated in a way that answers the readers questions, explains what the product or service is, and finishes with how it transforms their life.

It's not as hard as it seems.  Let me give you the recipe for the perfect Social Media caption.

  • The first sentence is your hook.  This is the line that captures your reader's attention.  It has to be related to your content and stand on its own.  Everything else is the support for that first line.  Your opening statement should NEVER be, 'Shop Now', 'Buy it Today', or even, 'Only 3 left in stock'.  These statements sound 'salesy'.  No one likes salesy.  It's just weird. 
  • Now you've got the reader on the line.  Your next statements will answer questions, explain what the product or service is, and provides a value proposition.  This is the promise of transformation or how this product or service will change the customer's life.  Will it save them time?  Will it remove dark spots?  Does your service eliminate the hassle of trying to find a last minute baby sitter and a parking space at a crowded store, because you offer what they need?
  • They're yours!  Now, reel em in.  This is where you insert your CTA, or your call to action.  This call to action tells the reader what to do next.  Do you want them to comment and engage with your content?  Maybe the intent of the post is to sell a certain product.  What do you want the reader to do next?  
So, now, you've crafted the perfect caption.  Did your product sell?  Let me know in the comments... See what I did there?  That was my call to action.  We'll dive into the rest at a later date.

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