We help black female entrepreneurs overcome the emotional and technical barriers blocking you from achieving success in your business.

Did I ever Introduce Myself?

Hi! I'm Sonya Reed, the Founder of Black Storehouse. Thanks for stopping by. I started this brand in May 2020, in the heart of the Pandemic. I started researching old brands that I used to purchase from and eventually, went down the rabbit hole. During this research, I found out exactly how many "small businesses" went under within the first year. It was astounding. Typically, we start the business with such amazing aspirations. We desire to create additional income and generational wealth, but lack of support, lack of resources, and the inability to acquire quality information were eventual culprits for their demise. I needed to help change that.

By nature, I am a support. In professional settings, my leadership style is servant leader. I am in my zone when I'm able to lead through supportive means. This includes listening, training, coaching, customer quality and experience, marketing, and so many other areas. Currently, I hold A.A.S., B.A., B.S., M.B.A., and M.S. degrees, all in business capacities.

My goal, within this brand, is to simply help you win by working from the inside out. We want to partner with you to change the narrative of how people view black owned businesses. 

Our brand grows through word-of-mouth. Your brand grows through proper coaching, accountability, and follow through. It's a win win situation. Interested in learning more about us? Click here.

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