Crafting the Perfect Caption for Social Media

I am in misery 😣

Realistically, if a salesperson walked up to you and said SHOP NOW, what would you do? So why is this your go to caption?

Let’s break it down. Your caption is simply an explanation of the image with features/benefits, and the description of how it fits in to the persons life. It’s all conversational.

🧐First line reels the viewer in.
🤭Next address the pain points and how the product/service can turn this around.
🤯Finally, tell the viewer what to do next.  
👉🏾Don’t forget your hashtags.

But we realize how frustrating it can be to even have to create the words after you’ve spent all that time making the content 🙄 Now you can just copy and paste it. Our Done for You Captions are a seamless option for the overworked Boss. We curate verbiage and hashtags, all in your brand voice. And from what I heard, our CTA’s have been increasing conversion. But y’all ain’t ready for that.

Recycled from @blackstorehouse123

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