We help black female entrepreneurs overcome the emotional and technical barriers blocking you from achieving success in your business.

Actions ALWAYS Produce Results

A few months ago, a client approached me, on Instagram, to ask a simple question. We talked for a while, and she decided to join our engagement challenge. She won a free Social Media Audit as her prize. After applying the information from her Audit, she then reached BACK out to get some info about other services. We introduced her to our 'Done For You' Services Bundle. Since our initial meeting, Kila, CEO of Kustom Kreationz by Kila, was able to determine her niche market, create content that resonates with her ideal customer, and restructure her marketing strategy in a way that has earned her more than 3x's her ROI. One of her most recent orders was 28 pieces of wall art!

Kila's Review:

You're the Real MVP!!!

PSA: Everyone please take a second to analyze your current situation. Is your business running on all cylinders, or is there room for growth? If money is preventing you from booking, Black Storehouse has 'Buy Now, Pay Later' options. I promise you, I do not go this hard for folks that are not legit. I met her in September and she's basically helped me restructure everything about how I do business. We're going in to a new year, now is the time to set yourself up to win. 

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